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spacesock: xDDDDDD

it was just too much…

so exaggerated like are you really having that much fun???????/

also whos face looks like that??? no ones face thats who


i found an army on osu….

they have jimin as their icon and their rank is really low.. like 400k low…

i found an army on osu….



hingbong the benadryl cumberbundt of kpop


disclaimer: this post is about how you can fuck up either of their names and ppl will still know who you’re talking about 
besides that Hongbin has nothing in common with and, as Lee says, is everything bentobox cummysnatch will never be

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Anonymous: Hongbin


u can fuck up this guy’s name and ppl still know who u talking about

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Anonymous: Do you know if the red bullet concert will be made into a dvd?


Yes, from what I’ve been hearing apparently The Red Bullet concert will be made into a dvd.

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yeah good grades are cool and all but have you ever had a good night sleep

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*plays osu to relieve stress*

*gets stressed out playing osu*


i don’t know i just feel like kfc in japan understands my needs

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Thomas Dozol


Thomas Dozol

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[!] Topp Dogg 1st City Reveal


[141020] Jazzy Group US Facebook

The first US city for Topp Dogg’s tour has been unveiled! Topp Dogg will be making a stop in Houston, TX. For more information, please view the post on the Official Facebook page for Jazzy Group US, here.

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idk how people can use mobile
like…no blacklist…no mute
the only good thing about mobile is the fast scrolling